How Custom Grillz Are Made
Have you ever wondered how the custom grillz you see and wear are made? Well it is a tedious but interesting process and is explained here in brief.

The molding process

In order to make the grillz, the first step is to buy a moulding kit and take a dental impression of the top or bottom teeth depending on what the grillz are being made for. This is the most important step and should be undertaken correctly because the grillz will be made based on this impression.

Creating molds of your teeth

The next step after the impressions are taken, is to pour dye stone to fill the impression and thereafter make the mold that the grill will be made from. During this process, the tray and the impression are pressed against a vibrating machine while the dye stone is poured into the mold. This ensures that no air bubbles are formed on the mold and the dye stone is evenly distributed into the impression.

Casting the molds

Now the mould is made into a casting with a wax lining. There are different methods to achieve this but the most common method is to soften a thick plastic sheet onto the mould and then cut it to the desired shape. Thereafter the professionals add wax tubes on either side of the plastic so that the gold has a place to be injected into. This plastic is then encased in a casting material and heated to turn it into a solid form. Once the casting material turns solid, the plastic is removed and gold is poured into the casting through the wax tubes that were added earlier. This casting is then put into a centrifuge, which spins the gold inside the casting, allowing it to spread evenly and remove any air bubbles. Once this process is complete, the basic gold grill is ready.

Cleaning the Grillz and polishing them

Once the gold grill is removed from the casting, the excess gold is cut off and shaved to make it flush and smooth to match the rest of the teeth. The final step is to clean up the casting material left on the grill and polish it to the perfect shine.

This shine is achieved by polishing the grillz over and over using a spinning wheel and some type of waxing material. 

This process is repeated a number of times to ensure that the grillz have the perfect shine and are ready to wear.

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