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Start Selling Grillz Starter Kit


10 in stock



The items included in this order are:

  • 30 trays 15 top and 15 bottom
  • 30 white putty
  • 30 blue putty

Custom Jewelry By TYS Jewelers

You purchase this listing which will work as the deposit for your custom jewelry.

With the purchase of this listing, you will receive a 3D mold design. From there if you chose to get the jewelry made, your deposit will count towards the jewelry cost.

We will send you another payment option to pay for your item. We will then start creating the jewelry according to your specifications.

The total process for custom piece creation takes 3-4 weeks depending on how responsive you are and how detailed the project is.

  • Come in an elegant luxury gift box
  • You will be able to see the design before we physically craft it
  • Custom design projects are the final sales
  • We reserve the design rights


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